Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Expertise in the Old Town


Listed in UNESCO World Heritage Tentative Site


We offer

  • Local expertise. Vegueta dates back to the 15th century and hides hundreds of opportunities. Finding the most interesting properties may include locating the owners of the abandoned houses through our local contacts.

  • Negotiation skills. Negotiating the price and conditions, often with several inheritors, requires a lot of diplomacy and experience with locals.

  • Knowledge of regulations. Many of these houses are protected. When drafting the required modifications it is necessary to know what each level of protection means with regard to building requirements.

Start enjoying of one of the best climates in the world with the rich cultural life of Las Palmas, capital of the miniature continent of Gran Canaria!

We have a wide variety of properties in our list and we also cooperate with all the main real estate companies on the island. Let us know what you are searching for and we will assist you to discover the home of your dreams.

Virtual Tour

We offer virtual tours on most of our properties so that they can be visited even from abroad.


The Old Chocolate Factory before and after the restoration.

This is an example of the renovation in an old house in Vegueta. You can slide the marker to the right and left to see the difference. The house was built 1904 and the ground floor wash functioning 25 years as a Chocolate Factory while the family lived next floor. Along the years the building was modified and for the last 30 years before the new owners the building stood abandoned.

The new owners returned it to its original state and glory. Now The Old Chocolate Factory offers accommodation as an Emblematic House and the activity is ran by The Boutique Rooms.

From Ruin to Hotel Boutique!

Hover with mouse to see the transformation

Send us an email telling what you are searching for and we will come back with a list of suitable properties.

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